IVI Premium Collagen

by alicesortijas

Ever wonder how Japanese women manage to maintain their youthful, soft, glowing skin despite their age? They are well-known for having flawless skin that we all, let’s just admit, envy. Some says that it’s because of their genes, some says its because of the weather, the foods that they eat etc. But my researches says that it is because of their approach to beauty. It is true that they were born with soft, supple skin, even us did born with that, didn’t we? It is because we are filled with collagen and as we age, we start to lose them. In Japan, collagen infused anything is everywhere. From milk drink to skin care. They even have “beauty” restaurants that serve dishes that are naturally high in collagen. There, Its easy to avail those kind of things that’s why its easier for them to look good and age gracefully.  Meanwhile in Philippines, a powdered collagen was introduced and many Filipinos became curious. And because I’m a beauty junkie, I’m quite aware of its effect and what to expect. I’ve been drinking this for about 3 weeks and even though I don’t have wrinkles and fine lines, I noticed its effect on the look and feel of my skin, it became smoother and softer. Some said I look healthy and glowing. Below are the photos taken after my 2 week intake of IVI Premium Collagen.

I can say that it’s really effective. I’m thankful that it is made available here. With regular intake of it, I know that I will age as gracefully as the Japanese women we all envy. ☺♥✌