Happy Monday

by alicesortijas

Hi everyone! How was your weekend?  Its Monday again, the busiest day of the week and for some, the start of whatever they promise to do like diet! haha I know I know maybe its only me who does that. But who can resist the weekend foods? Especially during Sundays, like yesterday we had Korean.

They’re all inside my tummy now. I still feel guilty after all the hardwork and the times I spent inside the gym but to think of the good times I had with them while swallowing those scrumptious foods like hungry monster makes everything worth it. I don’t mind spending another 5 days working out just as long as I know at every end of the week I’ll be with them again, will have another good time and eat like pigs again.

That’s why no matter how busy my schedule is, I always find time to squeeze in an hour of workout. I also walk a lot and take stairs instead of elevator/escalator. That’s also the reason why I always dress in comfort, for me to be able to do such things. Like today, I wore a cotton dress from Uniqlo and my favorite lace up shoes from Topshop. They’re so easy to wear and can allow you to move freely. You can always play with your look by accessorizing or by hairstyle and makeup. I just put a belt on my waist to make it look a little bit dressier and wore my hair down with big curls at the end. For the makeup, I concentrated on the eyes, put falsies then thick eyeliner but made it as natural as possible. hmmm… How bout a make-up post next time? 🙂