Sheer and Soft Jeans

by alicesortijas

We all love wearing jeans! Its the most versatile piece that can be found in our closet. We can work and play around with it. Though its the most common item we all have, finding the perfect pair of jeans is never easy. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Know Your Shape

Know your pelvic shape. Is it too wide or too narrow? Also consider your thigh size and the length of your legs. There are different type of jeans made for different type of bodies but make sure to try them first before getting them. Not just because they said it fits this and that means it fits you as well. See for yourself. Remember, the mirror never lies!

Comfort is Key

Is it the right fit? Are you comfortable in it? Does it allow you to move around? Are you comfortable sitting in it? Are you sure its not showing something behind? Always consider these questions, especially the sitting ones. Whenever I’m shopping for jeans, I always look for ones that will allow me to sit comfortably without showing my piggy coin bank behind!

Look for Classic Fits and Timeless Washes

When in doubt, stick with classic fits in original blue jeans or dark denim. Its the safest choice for everyone.

Always try them before purchasing them, the mirror will help you come up with the best decision. Be patient!