Floral Knits and Pointed Court Shoes

by alicesortijas

It was raining so hard when these photos were taken and the weather kept on telling me to go back to bed. As much as I wanted to not get up and sleep all day, I have important appointments to attend to. I was the laziest person ever during this day and to think of the things that i need to do after getting out of bed like taking a bath, fixing my self and dressing up made it even harder for me to resist the generous offer of unlimited stay on my cozy bed. In times like this, I’m thankful that some items in my closet like this floral knits from TOPSHOP and black suede pointed court shoes from MANGO allows me to dress up effortlessly and can stand out on their own without compromising comfort.

I don’t usually pile on accessories especially whenever my outfit can speak on their own. I’ll just put on some like a classic watch, gold bracelets and classic pair of earrings or a nice belt. But I don’t limit my self to those things only, I sometimes enjoy wearing chunky necklaces and bangles, It just depends on my mood.

Anyhoo.. How do you love my trying hard supermodel pose here? haha just got inspired by Divine Lee’s – MEG Article: Try and Try Until You Die. It’s a must read and I’m telling you, it’s one of the most inspiring! Kya nga gumo-GO lng ako! Even if I’m still new to this blogging thing. ☺ So there, have a nice, rainy day everyone! ☂♥✌

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