Golki Theraphy

by alicesortijas

Who doesn’t want a smaller face? Like in my case, I was born with chubby cheeks. It’s like I’m stuck on a 5 year old bloated face even if I’m on my mid 20’s (duh!?). So I decided to finally let go of my super cute cheeks. HAHA! And give Yakson House’ (Traditional Korean Aesthetic Company)Β  Face Resizing Program a try! Its non-surgical and all natural. They said that it is possible to experience as much as 10% reduction on facial size by using Bone Theraphy – a method of remodeling the face and body through alternative massage technique to re-align the bone structure to its original, symmetrical shape. They also have treatment to get rid of the unwanted fats on the face so no need to worry about sagging.

When I first entered YaksonMyungga, warm welcome greeted me and smiles were everywhere. I can say that they have the friendliest staffs, living on their promise of “SERVING WITH GREAT MANNER”. The place is more of a spa like, with floral wallpaper and yellow lights that gives a cozy atmosphere.

During the session, I received the stomach and rib care first – It’s quite painful because they put hard pressure on the stomach part, it’s like they’re really treating something in there. Then the DeCorte massage – for the neck and shoulders. Lastly, the Face Golki by Ms. Kim Yumin, she carefully placed her hand on my face and it’s like she’s looking for specific bones to touch, she’s not only massaging the skin but she’s reaching through the bones. Even after the session, I felt like some of my facial bones were moved. It’s really effective!

Oh well, I cannot wait for the result to show. I still have 19 sessions left so lets wait and see πŸ™‚